Hands-on Promise Placemat


This placemat is a great companion to our promise card set. It features a visually engaging review system that will take memorization to the next level. First memorize the verse, and then turn the placemat over to test yourself. The text and references are gone but the colorful illustrations remain. You get to fill in the rest! It’s a fun twist on scripture review for kids and even adults.

Hands-On for those who like action

  • Fill in each card for effective text review
  • Visual hints make remembering easier
  • Use with wet erase markers
  • Reusable over and over
  • Kid friendly

Turn over this placemat for a memory challenge! Writing the verse and reference on each card design will help lock it into the mind. The laminated surface cleans off easily with erasable markers. Test yourself as many times as you would like with complete reusability.

Facts get to know the placemat

  • Placemat Size: 16” x 10”
  • Available in KJV
  • Laminated finish
  • Waterproof
  • 5 card designs total

Spills are not a problem with this waterproof placemat. And neither are scribbles! Kids love to run wild with colorful markers. These make for a perfect creative outlet, all while learning scripture!

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